Founding of IPRO


Communication and advertising are today content-driven and the demand for high-quality infographics is constantly increasing. In order to meet the demands of customers from real estate, financial services and business associations, particularly those with complex targeted digital products, GOLDLAND founded the agency INFOGRAFIK PRO GmbH at the start of the year. The result was not "just" a new agency, but an entirely new agency concept.

"As an experienced purchaser of infographics, we know what customers want – mostly because we were a customer ourselves over a number of years. And there are of course things that can be done better, particularly when it comes to customer satisfaction with project commissioning and processing – too many lone wolves led to different ideas," says Malte Nisch, Managing Director of GOLDLAND.

INFOGRAFIK.PRO customers will kill two birds with one stone in the future: On the one hand they have access to a pool of selected specialists from the infographics sector, who can be brought on board depending on the demands of the particular project – animators, 3D artists, FX specialists, illustrators or 2D graphic designers. On the other hand, with INFOGRAFIK.PRO they can avail of the skills and expertise of a sophisticated and experienced agency that can provide all these services from a single source, with experienced consultants and a structured and process-orientated quality management system.

Complex Content Communicated Clearly

As a design agency for sophisticated, high-quality infographics, INFOGRAFIK PRO visualizes content for newspapers, magazines, mailings and advertising. Our experienced designers and illustrators use 2D and 3D-Grafik to animate and program the entire spectrum of data visualization and visual storytelling.